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Who We Are

MOHS is a world-class medical diagnostic and information technology company that aims to make healthcare solutions more accessible to all Filipinos.

The company originated in 2018 with MOHS Analytics, which has grown to be the country’s biggest education provider of data analytics and AI for learning institutions. Alongside Analytics is MOHS Academy which assists in gearing students with crucial skill sets in information technology.


In 2020, leadership diversified with healthcare to prompt the company’s next evolution: MOHS Diagnostics. Beginning with Covid-19 kits that helped accelerate the country’s testing rate, the company further innovated to deliver a wide range of cutting-edge medical equipment for a larger set of clients.

This strong and rapid expansion is rooted in three equities:

• Impact Amplifier. MOHS understands the power of entrepreneurship, the passion of medical experts, and how this synergy can create a powerful and beneficial ecosystem.

• Underserved’s Advocate. MOHS modernizes the disadvantaged sector through affordable technology and empowers medical practitioners with financial literacy by enhancing their financial and business acumen through our education platform. 

• Innovative Waymaker. MOHS continuously evolves by staying current on global best practices and actualizing technological developments and market opportunities.


With these equities and driven by its mission, MOHS is prepared to lead the transformation of the Philippine healthcare landscape.


Our Mission 


Our Vision

To democratize access to
healthcare solutions in the Philippines.

MOHS is here to equip and update the
healthcare infrastructure and system in
the country, in turn benefitting every

A world-class healthcare industry made
accessible to Filipinos from all walks of life.


MOHS ANALYTICS started in 2018 as a business enterprise and is now the biggest education provider of data analytics and artificial intelligence for higher education institutions in the Philippines but has since adapted its operations to focus on healthcare brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. Starting with technology related to Covid-19 testing, the company brought in testing equipment and consumables for use against the pandemic and then expanded by integrating testing services into its business.

MOHS ANALYTICS is now expanding its business portfolio by discussing collaboration with cutting-edge innovators into bringing in health products and medical technology that it can distribute in the Philippines by taking advantage of the distribution network and infrastructure of its allied companies. This is in line with its mission to equip and update the healthcare infrastructure and system in the country for the benefit of all Filipinos.

Our Partners

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