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Who We Are

MOHS is a world-class medical diagnostic and information technology company that aims to make healthcare solutions more accessible to all Filipinos.

The company originated in 2018 with MOHS Analytics, which has grown to be the country’s biggest education provider of data analytics and AI for learning institutions. Alongside Analytics is MOHS Academy which assists in gearing students with crucial skill sets in information technology.


In 2020, leadership diversified with healthcare to prompt the company’s next evolution: MOHS Diagnostics. Beginning with Covid-19 kits that helped accelerate the country’s testing rate, the company further innovated to deliver a wide range of cutting-edge medical equipment for a larger set of clients.

This strong and rapid expansion is rooted in three equities:

• Impact Amplifier. MOHS understands the power of entrepreneurship, the passion of medical experts, and how this synergy can create a powerful and beneficial ecosystem.

• Underserved’s Advocate. MOHS modernizes the disadvantaged sector through affordable technology and empowers medical practitioners with financial literacy by enhancing their financial and business acumen through our education platform. 

• Innovative Waymaker. MOHS continuously evolves by staying current on global best practices and actualizing technological developments and market opportunities.


With these equities and driven by its mission, MOHS is prepared to lead the transformation of the Philippine healthcare landscape.


Our Mission 


Our Vision

To democratize access to
healthcare solutions in the Philippines.

MOHS is here to equip and update the
healthcare infrastructure and system in
the country, in turn benefitting every

A world-class healthcare industry made
accessible to Filipinos from all walks of life.


Core Values


Covid-19 pandemic forced industries in the world to require transformation. Healthcare industries and the business sector need to leverage technology to provide precise, efficient, and timely interventions. 

MOHS Analytics has a strong background in interpreting data, we have always provided extensive analysis of systems in part as an analytics and education tool provider. 

We used this strength and focused on healthcare; as data can mean the difference between life or death.

Our founding members have an “ Innovator’s mindset” that enabled the open channel for MOHS Analytics to expand to healthcare, benefitting tremendously its investors,  as well as the community, and the various government instruments that we are currently in partnership with.


MOHS analytics has a strong advantage over traditional companies, especially when it comes to clinical decision-making methods. 

We make use of learning algorithms from AI that are precise and accurate, which allows one to see transparent data and insight pertaining to diagnostics, treatment variability, care processes, and patient outcomes.


Healthcare accessibility remains a great problem and this is what MOHS Analytics is currently solving.

 AI-driven smart products enable patients to receive better care. It does so, by simplifying the process, improving communication, documentation as well as reporting. 

It provides early warnings for certain conditions like Covid19, Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, cancer, sepsis, seizures, which often require intensive complex laboratory analysis. 

MOHS Analytics is here to bring in a revolutionary new generation of tools and systems that help clinicians deliver efficient care and service.


The world was changed forever with the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic. With this, founding partners saw the need to guide and assist local and nationwide government units who are grappling to find ways to mitigate the effects of the Covid-19.


In the past, a PCR Machine needed to run for 2-3 hours before providing results. The MOHS Analytics team became a game-changer by introducing a quicker and better way to do PCR testing in the Philippines.


The innovative solution came in a carry-on bag designed for off-site testing that gives 99% accuracy within 45 minutes. It is likened to bringing a laboratory to doctors, nurses, and frontline workers.

Our Partners

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