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MOHS Analytics began as an educational platform and full-suit analytics services provider.

Helping countless higher education institutions, CEOs, and licensed professionals with regards to understanding business data analytics, machine learning, data science, data optimization, predictive analysis to name a few.




The world was changed forever with the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic. With this, founding partners saw the need to guide and assist local and nationwide government units who are grappling to find ways to mitigate the effects of the Covid-19. 

In the past, a PCR Machine needed to run for 2-3 hours before providing results. The MOHS Analytics team became a game-changer by introducing a quicker and better way to do PCR testing in the Philippines.

The innovative solution came in a carry-on bag designed for off-site testing that gives 99% accuracy within 45 minutes. It is likened to bringing a laboratory to doctors, nurses, and frontline workers.



At the start of 2022, MOHS Analytics expanded its operations and brought in other life-saving testing kits intended for diagnosing Dengue and UTI that can be conveniently used at the comfort of your home.

Gaining the trust of our retailers and the medical industry, we began our public distribution in Mercury Drug, Rose
Pharmacy, South Star Drug, TGP and other medical sector testing services, even directly selling to clinics and doctors.

During the latter part of the year, we launched our medical equipment business by bringing in a wide-range of cutting-edge medical equipment to uplift and transform the Philippine healthcare landscape for the benefit of every Filipino.


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